Cozy Night Routine: A Step by Step Guide To Winter Self Care + Relaxation

My Cozy Night Routine

I love going to bed. Truly. Not just the actual act of going to sleep, but the relaxing and self-pampering process of getting ready for bed. It’s like a sacred ritual to me. The freshly cleaned sheets that I crawl under after taking a hot shower. Lighting a candle and getting lost in a good book while I sip a warm cup of tea. When the sun goes down I do too. Realistically, these aren’t things that happen every single night. After a night out I’m lucky to even get my face washed. But when I really put the time into my self-care, this is my ultimate relaxing and cozy night routine.

What You’ll Need:

Part I: Shower 

1. Dry Brush

Cozy Night Routine

Before I shower I love to dry brush, especially if I’m going to use self-tanner later. The benefits of dry brushing include:

  • Reduces cellulite
  • Unclogs pores (your skin needs to breathe!)
  • Exfoliates dead skin (a must do so that your self-tanner will go on smoothly!)

Click here for step by step how-to instructions.

2. Body Wash / Shave

Lately, I’ve been using bar soaps in the shower. I think that when I use body wash I use WAY too much + end up wasting a lot of product. Once I get the soap all over my loofah and onto my body I then shave with a venus razor (This was the very first razor I ever used and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since 🙂

3. Shampoo / Condition

When I wash my hair I really just use whatever products we happen to have at the moment. I don’t usually have a preference for shampoo/conditioner, but do try to stick with products that are more natural + have less ingredients. Does anyone have any recommendations? I used to wash my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY. But I transitioned to a new part of my life where I probably am washing it about once a week. I can’t say enough good things about how much healthier my hair feels. This transitioned happened over the course of a couple years probably, as before if I went one day without washing it turned into a huge oily mess. The less you wash it, the more your hair gets used to it, essentially training it to be less greasy. Read more here on how to help your hair make the transition.

4. Deep Condition / Comb

If I was my hair more than once a week, I’ll usually deep condition instead of using regular conditioner the second time. I leave it on my hair for about five minutes while I wash my body and then brush my hair through with a wide tooth comb and rinse it out. The only time I brush my hair is using a wide-tooth comb in the shower, and then right after I get out when it’s still wet. If I’m showering without washing my hair (most days) I always wear a shower cap.


Part II: Skin Care 


1. Wash Face

Cozy Night Routine

Cozy Night Routine

Has anyone else struggled with acne in your 20s the same or even more than when you were a teenager? Having clear skin makes me feel more confident than a lot of other things. I hate to wear too much makeup every day, and when I’m free of breakouts I can let my skin breath even more. Currently, I use a face wash prescribed by my dermatologist (yeah, it got that bad). But when I’m not using that I’ll use this foaming facial cleanser. I was trying out cleansers for oily skin especially during the summer because I just could not control the shine, but this seemed to help. I would go back and forth between that one and the charcoal wash/scrub (I usually kept this one to use in the shower because it’s a black textured wash that can get a tad bit messy)

I’ll be honest about my skin; I had gotten lazy for awhile, and I think not being consistent about my skin care really messed it up. I have been diligent about taking care of it for months now (washing 2x a day and everything else you’ll see here) + it has gotten SO much better. If I go even a night without washing my face, it can really be detrimental. So be honest, are you breaking out because you have literally tried everything and nothing is working? Or because you’re not really putting in the effort? Consistency is key to clear skin.

2. Exfoliate

Cozy Night Routine

Next step is exfoliating. This is super important **Do NOT use a Clarisonic to exfoliate EVERY DAY** After I started using my Clarisonic, I thought it was just for cleansing your skin and used it every day. This also led to my skin COMPLETELY breaking out. You are not supposed to exfoliate every day, and this is exactly what a Clarisonic does. I pulled it back to using it maybe once a week, and over time will try maybe twice a week. But to get the dead skin off once a week it really does the job + feels soothing. When I exfoliate once a week using this I will just put my face cleaner straight onto the Clarisonic.

3. Mud Mask

Cozy Night Routine

I love using a mud mask a couple times a week (probably about 3). I have a bunch of different ones that I just rotate for each use. Leave a comment below with your favorite mud mask!

4. Pore Strips

Post mud mask I’ll use a pore strip on my nose (I probably only do this about twice a month. Comment below with how often you use these!). There really is just something about seeing everything that comes off of your skin onto these strips that is so fascinating! (+ of course it feels great afterward)

5. Moisturize

 Cozy Night Routine

If I’m not using a self-tanner I will then use a moisturizer on my face. I like this one because it has SPF (I also use it in the AM) and doesn’t seem to clog my pores or sit so heavy on my skin.

6. Eye Cream

Cozy Night Routine

Ok, I’ll admit. I noticed wrinkles under my eyes in a photo a couple months ago and right away went on the hunt for an eye cream. I’m probably being paranoid, but using an undereye cream makes me feel as though I’m preventing future wrinkles. This gel is a favorite because it always feels refreshing and cooling to put on at night. It also has retinol which helps prevent wrinkles and brings elasticity to your skin. I also use an acne cream but did not take photos as my current one is prescribed. But Burts Bees makes some great ones too that have worked for me in the past!

7. Body Acne Spray

Cozy Night Routine

Next, I’ll use this Murad Acne Spray on my back (Only when I’m not doing self-tanner) I don’t use this every night, but I notice I’m having bad breakouts I’ll use it. I love this spray because you can actually hold it upside down and reach those hard to get to spots on your back.

8. Face Mist

Cozy Night Routine

Next, I’ll use a rose water face mist. (If I’m not using self-tanner). I just love the refreshing and clean feeling this gives me before bed. (*Tip-I got mine at Marshalls for about half the price I’m seeing it everywhere online. They have a great beauty section for discounted finds!)

9. Foot Creme

Cozy Night Routine

Next, I rub this coconut foot creme all over my feet and then put on fuzzy aloe socks (The BEST). I don’t do this if I am self-tanning and probably will only do this about twice a week. It’s a thick, creamy and oily texture so you’ll need to wash your hands after, but you will wake up with silky smooth feet.

10. Self Tan (Don’t do steps 5-9 if doing this)

Cozy Night Routine

Ok, so I keep mentioning self-tanning. I don’t do this every single day and I know some people totally hate self-tanning. but I’ll be honest, I’m Irish + really pale. And I totally dig that sometimes, but at other times I look as white as when I passed out after getting my tattoo. I love a healthy glow and feel so much more confident with one. I also can’t afford to spray tan, and will never go to a tanning booth. Anyways, after a lot of trial and error, I can typically do self-tanner without having any orange splotches (the worst). Rubber gloves are a MUST! Seriously, if you want to avoid carrot hands head over to amazon and order yourself a box. Right after you shower (& exfoliated your body) start rubbing the tanner in circular motions working from your feet upwards. I also have a tanner paddle to reach the areas of my back that I can’t myself. Make sure to let it fully dry before getting dressed. I always prefer to tan at night and then sleep on it, rather than risk sweating it off during the day. This tanner is the most affordable for me and just gets the job done. I don’t use it every single day, as I don’t want to look orange. But probably a couple times a week to maintain the glow I want.

11. Hair Oil

Cozy Night Routine

For the nights that I wash my hair using regular conditioner, I’ll comb it out and then use this oil focusing on the ends. This is the only hair product I use (besides dry shampoo when I don’t wash my  hair)


Part III: Cozy Relaxation 

Cozy Night Routine

This is really my favorite part. I’m feeling clean and good from everything I just did, and now I get to cozy up + enjoy the rest of the night to myself. I have white lights strung around my bed and pile my pillows behind me to prop me up. I then cover myself with the coziest knit blanket from Crane & Canopy + get comfortable.

1. Dehumidifier / Rain Sounds

Cozy Night Routine

I have a dehumidifier next to my bed that I need for my breathing problems but honestly, love how calming it feels. I then play rain sounds on my amazon echo (not pictured), but if you googled rain sounds I’m sure you can find something similar. The sounds help me to truly relax and also become more sleepy.

2. Pillow Mist

Cozy Night Routine

Before crawling into bed I spray my pillows and blankets with this pillow mist. The scent is so calming and makes my brain associate that its time to relax and get ready for bed.

3. Decaf Tea

Cozy Night Routine

I love having a decaf cup of tea while I read a book in bed. The flavor I use changes each night. I love yogi teas, and this was one is great for when you’re feeling under the weather.

4. Ice Water

Cozy Night Routine

I also always keep a glass of ice water next to my bed. I love drinking water before I go to sleep and as soon as I wake up.

5. Read

Cozy Night Routine

At this point, I will physically put my phone away. Yes, sometimes I forget to, but the times I do I notice myself feeling exponentially more relaxed. I physically put it away in a drawer, and then grab a book or a magazine and let myself get lost in it for awhile. Something about reading off of actual paper allows me to relax and begin to feel sleepy so much more than a screen does. I try my best to read about a chapter a day of whatever my current book is.

6. Daily 3 Notebook

Cozy Night Routine

The very last thing I’ll do before bed (besides talk on the phone to Jon) is write in my daily 3 notebook. That’s just the name I gave to a Moleskine notebook I have that is used solely for this purpose. What I’ll do is take five minutes (max), and write down three good things that happened on the current day, and three things to look forward to on the next day. These don’t have to be the standard “I am thankful for my family” (unless something happened that day that really made you feel that way). It can be as simple as “I had a great cup of coffee” or “I am going to see so & so tomorrow”. Any little thing that brings a bit of positivity to your mind and that makes you feel good will do. It can be as long or short as you want. Here is an actual example from one of my pages:

Cozy Night Routine

See? Super simple. Any little thing that will make me look forward to the next day I write down. Something about really visualizing some moments in the next day helps make me look forward to getting up, no matter what things may happen that have me stressed or anxious. There is always a positive moment in each day and truly pinpointing those little moments helps us to focus on them more so than any negatives. Some people like to journal all about their day, but I find that can be hard to stick to on a daily basis + a bit overwhelming. This is much easier for me + truly helpful in cultivating a positive mindset + reflecting on my day.

Cozy Night Routine

What Do You Do To Relax At The End of The Day? Favorite Beauty Products? Favorite Book?

Check out Crane + Canopy for the comfiest pillows and blankets to get cozy this winter!

Let me know what your cozy night routine looks like! 

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