3 Years Of Laughter: An Open Letter On Our Anniversary

Anniversary Letter

Anniversary letter

anniversary photosWe spend a lot of time laughing. Honestly, maybe I’ve laughed too much at times. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve laughed during sex, during funerals, during silent yoga classes…and none of this is because I do not respect important moments…but more so that I am a person that takes life so seriously at times, that I have learned the value in one’s ability to laugh.

I remember I was at a dinner one night and we were playing a random question game. One of the topics to come up was “What are your top 3 qualities you look for in a partner?” I heard answers such as loyalty, kindness, intelligence…all of which are truly amazing traits that I look for as well. But thinking about that question now, I think my top answer would be laughter. Which isn’t to be confused with the description of being funny (because if we’re being honest, I am the funnier one in our relationship). But the ability to just laugh at almost anything. To throw your head back and laugh a deep belly laugh without a care as to where you are or who may be looking.

I grew up with a family that I could always recognize in a crowd because I would hear that “Meyer laugh”. Laughter has gotten me through more hard times than I can count. And that is what I want to continue for the rest of my life. That is the way I want to bring up my children, that is the way I want my home to be. So my point is, I found that person. That person who can build that with me. That person who at times is more reserved than I am,  but is not afraid to laugh with me, and to do anything to make me laugh. Every time we laugh together its almost as though I fall a little bit more in love with him…if that was even possible.

Maybe we don’t always do the most romantic things…but we have had so much fun together in these three years, and I can only imagine how the laughter will play into every stage of our lives as we grow together.

My dear Jonathan,

I love your heart. I love the look you get on your face when I am upset about something and you’re thinking so hard about how to fix it. I love that you have not stopped opening every door for me or turning my seat warmer on in the car. I love that you will order for me when I am having anxiety. I love that you dance tango with me in the kitchen and have almost dropped me only once when you dipped me. I love that you love my family. I love that you love your family. I love that when we go skiing you ski behind me the whole time to make sure I don’t ski into a boulder again. I love that you text me telling me about all the dogs you saw on your way to work. I love that when I’m upset about something that “I” have to deal with, you remind me that it is “we” that are dealing with it. I love that you always are on my team, no matter how crabby I am that there are no snacks.

Thank you for being on my team, and for adding even more laughter to it. Thank you for letting me be on your team. I truly look forward to the team we keep building together.

With all my love forever


Anniversary Letter

anniversary photos
The first photo of us together 🙂 My sophomore year of college


Our first NYE together. 2013


anniversary photos

anniversary photos

anniversary photos

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2 thoughts on “3 Years Of Laughter: An Open Letter On Our Anniversary

  1. Karen Kent

    Cutest couple EVER. And I’m so glad you found someone who treats you as wonderfully as you should be treated. Everyone deserves that , but doesn’t always have the patience to wait for it. So glad you did!!! <3


  2. Ann Gianchandani

    I see he’s following in dads footsteps! Love the way you two are together! Best wishes to forever!?


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