Rustic Wood Christmas Ornament – DIY

DIY Rustic Wood Ornament

These rustic ornaments are a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree, or would even make as a sweet and thoughtful gift for the holidays.


  • Wood slices (can also be found in a craft store, usually there is a wood crafting isle)
  • Thumbtacks
  • Eye Hooks (I also found them near the framing section of a craft store)
  • Ink Jet Printer *(important)*
  • Paint Brush
  • Cup of Water
  • Sharpie
  • Twine (or ribbon)
  • Spray Matte Adhesive Sealer

*Side note: I recommend to practice this technique a couple of times on an extra piece of old wood before doing the real ornaments. You can’t mess up too badly, but it can take a couple tries to understand the concept fully and how it will personally work for you*

wood slice ornaments

Step 1: Insert Eye Hooks

DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

To make a hole in the wood slice insert a thumbtack. Then take the eye hook and twist the screw into the hole until it is inserted all the way into the wood.

Step 2: Print Reversed Labels

DIY Wood Slice Ornaments

You can do a Pinterest search of “wooden slice ornaments” and find plenty of examples of printable letters. The ones I used were from this site. (However, some of the script letters turned out to be thinner than I thought they should be). The most important part of this step is to MAKE SURE they are printed on an ink jet printer. (I originally printed on a laser printer and it was a disaster).

Step 3: Wet The Paper

DIY Wood slide ornaments DIY wood slice ornaments

For this step, you’ll want to cut out the image that you are going to “burn” into the wood and place it face down. I found that when I taped the top and bottom they turned out much better. Then you want to lightly brush water onto the back (make sure to not do too much or the paper will just rip. You can always add more water later if it is not enough)

Step 4: Scratch (“Burn”) The Image

DIY wood slice ornaments

Take the cap side of a sharpie and gently, yet firmly scratch over the image. Make sure to do this quickly as it works best when the paper is freshly wet and with a steady amount of pressure. You’ll want to go over this a bit until it looks as dark as this image. If you notice that the paper is not showing the image through it, try adding a bit more water.

Step 5: Remove the Paper / Spray

DIY Wood slice ornament

Carefully remove the paper, and you should have the image above! Don’t worry if it seems too light. Once it sets for a bit and the water dries it will get darker. And if it ends up not looking as dark as you would like you can always go over it with a sharpie. I preferred the lighter look, as I felt it had a more rustic feel. Once you have let the ornaments sit for a couple hours you can use your mode podge spray. This ensures they will last longer. (However, this step is optional! The photo above is without it)

Step 6: Tie the Twine

DIY wood slice ornament

To finish, you’ll want to loop some twine through the hook so it will hang nicely on the tree. (Make sure the loop isn’t too small to fit around the branch) you could also use a small ribbon here.


*This post was inspired from mountainmodernlife *

Did you give this DIY a try? Let us know how it turned out!

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