Christmas Gift Wrapping DIY Ideas

DIY Christmas gift wrapping

Christmas gift wrapping DIY

To start off, I recommend setting up a gift-wrapping station. This way you can see all of the supplies that you have at once, and won’t forget about anything!

Christmas gift wrapping DIY

Before I began gift wrapping I compiled all of my supplies. This is a really fun way to be creative and mix and match materials and patterns. I found a lot of random nick-nacks at the dollar store (yes to gift wrapping on a budget!), the dollar section of Target (which is really $1-$3, but well take it) and at craft stores such as A.C Moore and Michaels. You can really make just about anything work with gift wrapping, but here are a couple ideas of what I did. Be creative and have fun with it!


1) Wine Box

Christmas gift wrapping DIY

wine box gift Christmas gift wrapping DIY

A simple gift/gift wrap ideas is to use wine in a festive box or bag. I found this box at the craft store and spiced it up with a large bow and a Christmas wine stopper from Target. I also tied a jingle bell I found at the dollar store along with a fake branch to the bottle of wine.


2) Garland Wreath

Christmas gift wrapping DIY

gift wrap

Craft paper is a great universal material to have on hand, you can dress it up for any type of gift. I love how the decorations pop against the blank canvas. I got mine at the dollar store, but you could also find it at any craft store. For this gift wrapping you will need:

  • Craft paper roll
  • Twine
  • Small garland (I got mine from the target dollar spot)
  • Gift tags (craft stores are great for these! or some websites have free printables. Pinterest is great to find these! And this is another great way to save $$)

Just wrap the gift, and tie your garland to look like a wreath. The one I got has a wire so it was easy to bend to this shape. Finish by tying the gift with twine (or any ribbon!), which will keep the garland in place and add a gift tag.


3) Candy Topper

Christmas gift wrapping DIY   Christmas gift wrapping DIY

I love the detail of the piece of chocolate on this gift. You can use any kind of candy, or maybe even a cookie that you made in a small baggie! For this gift wrap you will need:

  • Craft paper (see #2 for where to get)
  • Ribbon (mine is from Michaels)
  • Jingle bells (mine are from the dollar store)
  • A small piece of chocolate
  • Festive washi tape (from the craft store)
  • Acrylic paint pen (in white)

After the gift is wrapped, you will need to string the ribbon through the jingle bells. Make sure you buy ones that have a small crevice to put a ribbon through. String the ribbon through until it is far enough that you can wrap the ribbon around the entire gift, with the bells being in the center. Then use your festive washi tape and tape the piece of chocolate anywhere you would like. Finish by writing the gift recipient’s name in the acrylic paint marker. These markers write really well on craft paper. If you’re an artistic person you could even add some designs with it!


4) Pop of Plaid

plaid gift wrap

I love the differing patterns on this gift. That’s all a part of the fun of gift wrapping- is playing around with the colors and materials! Mix and match whatever you think will look good! Something about red plaid just screams classic Christmas to me, and I think I will have to just use this paper every single year. For this gift you will need:

  • Plaid wrapping paper (this is buffalo plaid, tartan plaid would look good as well)
  • Large wire ribbon (wire bows are easier to fluff and make stay in the shape that you want)
  • Wooden ornament (I found this at Michaels in the clearance section, and used the initial of the person receiving this gift. But any nick nack or ornament would work)


5) Candy Cane Plaid

Christmas gift wrapping DIY

Here we are with the plaid again. I just can’t get enough of it, AND this ribbon has reindeer on it, come on! For this gift you will need:

  • White craft paper (see #2 on where to get it)
  • Large wire ribbon (this specific one is from A.C Moore)
  • Ornament (I got this reindeer in a pack from the dollar store)
  • Candycane

After you wrap the gift, loop the ornament onto the ribbon and tie it around the gift. Shape the wire ribbon to make a large bow, and then wiggle a candy cane into the center of the bow. Perfection! The white craft paper is a great simple background for the pop of red and gold.


6) Chalk Board Name Tag

Christmas gift wrapping DIY

Christmas gift wrapping DIY

I have to say, I really love how this one came out. I was scouring the craft store last minute for some gift tags, and so many of them were just too cheezy (you know, glitter cartoon snowmen and Santa clauses) I came upon these chalkboards with a clothesline pin on the back in the clearance section and thought it was just perfect for a gift tag! Any kind of chalkboard accessory would work. You could get chalkboard sticker labels, or ornaments tags as well. For this gift you will need:

After the gift is wrapped you’ll want to cut pieces of the pine needle from the branch (they usually come as a large stick). Then you can tape the greens down, don’t worry we’ll cover up the tape. You can also stick a cranberry branch behind the pine needle. Next, use the adhesive reindeer (or any other ornament or large sticker) to partially cover the evergreen. This adds a great 3D effect. Then you will want to tie the gift with twine. I like the look of the thicker twine, but any will do, even colored twine as in gift #2. And finally, you’ll want to write the gift recipient’s name on the tag. I prefer to use a chalk marker because the letters come out much smoother. Then you can clip the chalkboard onto the twine (or sticker it to the package if you got an adhesive kind)


Happy Gift Wrapping!

gift wrapping DIY

Comment below if you tried any of these ideas.

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