New Years Resolutions 2017



2016 was such a wonderful year filled with the waves of high and lows as most years are. I am blessed to be where I am and to continue to grow and learn. Here are some of the things I wanted to highlight and document that happened throughout this year, and my goals that I’d like to go into the new year with.

My Reflection of 2016


  • Celebrated two-year anniversary with Jon √
  • Re-launched my blog after having help with the design √
  • Volunteered at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for the 9th year √
  • Had nose surgery √
  • Got a lot more comfortable driving (facing my big fear!) √


  • Traveled to Italy √
  • Went camping at Green Lakes, NY √
  • Spent two weekends at the lake in the Poconos √
  • Traveled to Newport, RI √
  • Went to Quebec (happening 12/27!)


  • Completed a full two semesters, as well as a summer semester of college √
  • Completed two internships √
  • Had my first articles published on √
  • Graduated college (happening 12/20!)


My Goals for 2017:

  • Get a (real) job
  • Save towards moving out in a year
  • Save towards getting Invisalign
  • Run a half marathon
  • Get back into a consistent healthy lifestyle
  • Consistently post to my blog (4x month)
  • Be the ceremonies chair for Relay For Life
  • Get skin cleared up
  • Travel somewhere new (Charleston/Georgia! Maybe Arcadia Park Maine, and maybeee France)
  • Become comfortable driving on highways
  • Become comfortable navigating NYC subways
  • Take a dance class with Jon
  • Get better at photography
  • Learn how to make an omelet like my Mom (coined the “momelet” in my household)

*Bolded items are top priorities*

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