Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving pie

This holiday began to a slightly chaotic start, but that isn’t anything out of the ordinary for my family. The day before the big Thanksgiving meal, a family member ended up in the hospital after cutting their hand on wine glasses, and therefore all the food had to be made the morning of by all the cousins. Having everyone in the kitchen and doing their part made the meal more intimate and exciting for everyone.

Thanksgiving Table
Take fake flowers from the craft store and loop them through napkin rings


Thanksgiving Table
This table was hand made by my Uncle after frustrations of Thanksgivings at long tables where we were not able to talk to everyone


Thanksgiving Table
Orange flowers are the perfect accent color for the table


Thanksgiving Table

Cooking in the kitchen


Family at the table


The finished meal: Biscuits, sauteed green beans with almonds, vegan stuffing, roasted potatoes, cauliflower mash, sweet potato with brown sugar, and tofurky


Apple pie made by my boyfriend, Jon and I (with the guidance of my Aunt’s family famous recipe)




Apple and pumpkin pie (there was also a vegan pumpkin pie) All of the pies were homemade


We took plastic candle votives and tied some rope around it to change the lighting effect (as seen on the right). We also used small mason jars to hold tea lights


Mom and I 🙂

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