What I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving


I know I post photos of us often that are perfectly staged, and that’s what they are a lot of the time. They’re always filled with love but also with creative ideas I may have about how I can make a pretty image (As are a majority of things people choose to put on social media). But this here is such a true depiction of the most safe space in my life. And this is what I feel thankful for this thanksgiving.

I feel thankful for the strong hands that always seem to find their way to mine when they shake at times. I feel thankful for the “Hi lady” greeting I receive when I walk through the door. I feel thankful for the way you cradle your arms around my “tiny head” as we sleep, as to hold me as close as possible. I feel thankful for the space you give me to be who I am, and if I’m not sure who that is, for the gentle support you provide as you let me figure that out. I am thankful for knowing we can be on two separate sides of a room, but if my eyes divert to find you, you will almost always already be looking back at me. I am thankful for how you instinctively turn my seat warmer on in the car (my cold butt and I thank you.) I am thankful for your calmness and for teaching me that the best thing to do when bickering is to take a step back, and after a moment you realize there really is no problem. I am thankful for how much love you have towards your parents and the warm environment you have enriched my life with. I am thankful that you don’t scare by crying (as we all know, this is an often occurrence), but that you embrace me in all of my forms. I am thankful for our agreement to never go to bed angry, and that we have never broken that. I am thankful that you laugh at my jokes, and that I no longer am the only one who finds me so funny.

I know how cliche it is…but the only way to sum it up is that I am thankful for your heart and your soul and the person that you are, and the person that I am with you. To my soulmate, thank you ? ❤️



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