Well, Here We Are…


So…this is what I’ve been waiting years to do. This sentence right here. And this one as well. “Starting” has always been the hardest thing for me. If you spoke to any of my closest friends and asked them to describe me in a couple of words, I’m sure “perfectionist” would be in their top five choices. There has always been something about that word I loved. It sounds so neat, doesn’t it? Like you’re a real somebody. Somebody important. Unfortunately, that exact trait is what has kept me from writing this sentence here for years.

So, I guess I should introduce myself a little here before I make you start to read about my psychoanalysis of myself (if you stick around you’ll notice thats something I tend to do quite often-probably a plus for being a psych major, and a minus for my boyfriend). My name is Carolyn Ingrid Meyer and I am a 21 year old New Jersey native. Born down the street, and raised up the street, so the extent of my travels is pretty limited, but I like to think I make up for that in life experience and thoughts. I make lists for my lists, I always request extra lemons for my water, and I quite honestly can make myself laugh for hours (You really have to hear some of my jokes one day, they’re killer). I am going into my senior year of college, where I have changed my major more times than I can remember, but have finally settled down to be studying Psychology, with a double minor in Nutritional Science and Leadership through Civic Engagement (I promise that sounds more impressive than it is).

I have a passion for planning events, helping others, and of course theres the basic white girl side of me that loves everything Starbucks, peonies, and Gap. (You’ll be seeing a lot of that around here, so if you’re the grunge hipster, anti-mainstream type, I will not be offended if you exit now. You have been warned). I love creative projects, and clean spaces. I love to cook healthy meals (I’m about to celebrate my four year anniversary of being a vegetarian!), and like every other 20-something year old woman, I go through my bursts of working out (“but I SWEAR-this time I’m sticking to it!”…the exact sentence we all won’t admit that we repeat constantly). However, once I get into the routine of it, exercise truly is the main thing that centers my life. I have a deep appreciation for health (but that could also be the hypochondriac side of me that constantly thinks something is wrong with me). I enjoy self help books, mediation, yoga, and running, however, I have not truly pursued any of these as much as I would like. My friends make fun of me for my laugh (which they hear quite often) and for my consistent smoothie pictures on Instagram (I just got the Ninja blender, can you blame me?!)

This space is something I have wanted to create for a long time. You would think with my constant lists and binder I made to start organizing my blogging dreams, that I would know exactly what I want this to be, but I don’t. I know that I need to start where I am, with what I have, and just do what I can, and that this will all develop in time. This is a place for my life journey, my thoughts, and the things that I just feel the need to write about. I know I’m not the best writer out there, as I’ve been known to have a grammar issue or two in my day. But I’ve decided to finally look past all the reasons that I can’t do this, and just go for it. 

This is a space I will be writing and sharing about things such as; beauty, fitness, health, spirituality, recipes, travel, relationships, DIY’s, videos, organization tips, studying help, and just anything else that a 20 year old suburban girl feels the need to.

So here we are. My name is Carolyn Ingrid, and I’m incredibly excited to be here.

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